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Best Intelligence Development Lullaby Playlist Advice of Pedagogs


Pediatrician-Recommended Lullabies for Brain Development

Pedagogical experts recommend the use of lullabies to enhance the cognitive development of babies. These lullabies are designed to support the mental and emotional growth of infants and children. They contain rhythmic melodies and meaningful lyrics that help to boost a baby’s imagination and concentration. Additionally, lullabies can aid in the development of a baby’s language skills and vocabulary.

Studies have shown that lullabies can positively impact a baby’s brain development, particularly in the areas of memory and emotional regulation. Singing or listening to lullabies can also create a strong bond between a parent and their child, as well as provide a sense of comfort and security for the baby.

Pedagogical experts recommend incorporating lullabies into a baby’s daily routine, such as before bedtime or during quiet moments. It is important to choose lullabies that are appropriate for a baby’s age and developmental stage. For example, older babies and toddlers may enjoy more complex melodies and lyrics, while younger babies may benefit from simple and repetitive songs.

In conclusion, the use of pedagogically recommended lullabies can be a valuable tool in enhancing a baby’s cognitive development. These soothing and engaging songs can provide a fun and interactive way for parents to support their child’s growth and well-being.

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We Produce The Best Quality Lullabies In The World

Music man and sound Professor Murat Tuğsuz, with his 15 years of work investigating the effect of certain sound frequencies on humans, produced special lullabies that improve the intelligence of babies and help them sleep quickly.

In the experiments he carried out in his professional studio and laboratory in the attic of his house, by detecting the sound frequencies that regulate delta waves in the brain of children in the 0-5 age group, polyphonic baby music produced with these frequencies, It has been proven that it contributes to the development of intelligence in babies and makes children sleep faster.

You can use the link below to listen to this special project called Happy Babies to your baby.


All music is composed by Osman Murat tuğsuz, artists such as Murat tugsuz – Happy Babies – Lullaby Tunes and Müjde Tuğsuz are released by Osman murat TUĞSUZ in partnership with CDBABY and Payoneer

contact the artist : murattugsuz@hotmail.com


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